My Story

Before becoming a life coach, I spent over 20 years in the corporate world white-knuckling my way as a high achieving perfectionist. While I was very successful at what I did, I was constantly riddled with anxiety and thoughts that I wasn’t good enough and inadequate. I was afraid to acknowledge my emotions and intuition. I avoided by overworking and overeating. I also unconsciously reacted to negative situations based on stories and unhelpful beliefs from my past. 


I eventually started to feel the physical and mental effects of years of imbalance and gravitated towards yoga and therapy to cope. Therapy helped me gain insight and awareness, but I didn’t get the tools and daily support to manage my mind while I took action to transform for good.

I finally found a life coach and the changes I experienced were so profound I was inspired to teach as many women as I can what I discovered. I learned to confront my inner conflict and insecurities, with the right support. I stopped avoiding my feelings and created new thought patterns and results for myself. I feel ease and connection in family and work relationships instead of being triggered and feeling anxious. I can be present and tune into my child and his needs separate from my conditioning. I also have so much compassion for myself for not being a perfect mother. I transformed my body by moving it, nourishing it and challenging it in ways that feel like love instead of anxiety. I also started my own business that makes a huge impact on people and lights my soul even though I was afraid.


Most importantly, I live more authentically so that everyone around me are free to do the same.


If I hadn’t done it myself, I wouldn’t believe it was possible.