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Live with less stress and anxiety and more ease and confidence.




Learn to work with your nervous system, mind and body to live, love and work with more calm and joy.

The people I help feel anxious, overwhelmed and not good enough more often than they feel joyful, relaxed and confident.


They find themselves burnt out, constantly stressed or disconnecting in life, work and relationships.


No matter how good their life looks on the outside, they don’t feel good on the inside.

That's because feeling relaxed and enjoying your life, relationships and career is created from the inside out.

 And it starts with building a resilient nervous system, rewiring unhelpful thought patterns and creating emotional well-being.

Because the way we feel and act is a result of the quality of our nervous system and our thoughts about ourselves, others, the world and what's possible for our lives.


Sometimes they leave us feeling stressed and anxious, people pleasing, trying to control others, numbing out and living a life that isn’t aligned to what we truly want.

The good news is: you can rewire your nervous system and release unhelpful beliefs that keep you stuck so you feel better and have the life and relationships you desire.

And it's the BEST thing you'll ever learn.

Because you will navigate daily life, challenges and relationships feeling calm and connected and live a life you want and love.


"After working with Monica for three months, my emotions are less intense, relationships are easier and I experience less conflict and more connection with my teenage daughter. I stopped overthinking things and am able to sleep better without anxiety or guilt interfering.  Most importantly, I feel empowered to handle anything that comes up in life because I know how to manage my mind." - Amandeep B

"Mindset had been one of my biggest challenges for a long time. I was very optimistic when I started working with Monica because she sounded like exactly the person I needed, but in the back of my mind I was doubtful if I'd experience any lasting change. She proved me wrong. I was awestruck with how easily she was able to uncover things for me and say things that resonated so deeply with me. I never thought I'd be one of 'those people' lucky enough to experience the profound changes that I have. I'm so thankful to have been able to work with Monica." - Cristina L

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