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This week, I noticed my negative thoughts about schools reopening in the fall. My son just started school this year, so he knows it to be a certain way: getting hugs from friends and teachers, sitting in his spot on the carpet close to the other kids and sharing toys.

I found myself feeling sad this week wondering if we should send him back to school if things will be drastically different and he can’t even hug a friend or be comforted by a teacher. I want him to be socialized not isolated.

I don’t even know what school will look like, but my mind imagined the worst possible outcome.

That’s what our human brains do. They are wired for protection and to think about the worst-case scenario to try to prepare us.

But worrying about all the negative things that may happen just leaves you feeling anxious and making hasty decisions or avoiding reality instead of planning and strategizing to create the outcome you want.

The reality is, no one knows what a classroom will look like when they reopen.

And here's the thing: as long as we don’t know, we get to think whatever we want about the future.

Now, your brain may protest and think that it’s crazypants to believe something that isn't true and different than what most people think. But guess what? You’re doing that right now. You believe things about yourself that aren’t true like “I’m not good enough” even though other people in your life would dispute that.

Thinking default negative thoughts about yourself or the world make you feel despair and keep you from showing up fully in life.

So why not believe something that makes you feel amazing instead?

You always get to decide what to think and believe and no one can take that away from you.

Our thoughts come from our social conditioning and what our parents modeled and taught us.

Over time, we thought the same thoughts over and over and they became our beliefs.

This was necessary and useful for us as children to make sense of the world around us.

But now, as adults, we can start to question our beliefs and change the ones that aren’t serving us.

You get to decide what to believe about yourself and the world, on purpose.

And it’s worth doing because your beliefs ultimately create outcomes in your life.

Think about it: everything that you have in your life, your partner, your job, your children, house, vacations, all started with a thought that drove you to take action and create it.

This is also true of the areas of your life that you’re unhappy with.

So, look those parts of your life and understand the beliefs that have created it.

I’m choosing to imagine a new classroom with a reduced class size and teachers who are no longer overworked and have more to give to their students. Believing in this possibility will make me feel hopeful and drive me to take actions like joining the Parent Council to help create this reality.

What do you wish you could believe about yourself or the world right now?

If you’d like some help believing new thoughts instead of defaulting to your pre-programmed ones so you can create different results in your life, I’d love to help.

Email me today to schedule a FREE coaching session:

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