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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

One of the most painful parts of the human condition is believing everything our minds tell us.

We all do it.

The human brain loves patterns. It will always look for evidence that supports our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world and ignore the evidence that contradicts them.

The problem is when we have negative thoughts and beliefs that aren't serving us. Our brains will constantly look for evidence to strengthen them and will believe them to be true, even if they are costing us our peace and happiness.

If I have the belief that I’m not good enough at my job, I will find evidence and make up stories of all the ways that I am bad at my job and will be fired. I will also discount all of my accolades and accomplishments.

If I think that relationships go downhill after having kids, I will interpret every argument that I have with my partner as evidence of that and will only see unhappy marriages around me to validate my belief.

If I believe that the world isn’t safe, I will focus on all the tragedies in the world and ignore all the good that is happening.

This is confirmation bias. Our brains search for things that prove our beliefs to be right, no matter how much factual evidence there is to the contrary and no matter how terrible they make us feel.

Because being right makes us feel confident, safe and in control.

And changing our thoughts and beliefs will feel like a threat to that.

So, it will involve a lot of effort, discomfort and courage to change them. You have to be willing to be wrong and feel uncomfortable.

And if you are, your whole life will expand because you can start to use your confirmation bias to serve you to feel amazing and create anything you want to experience in life.

You can decide what to believe about yourself, others and the world and your brain will start to find more evidence to support it while feeling confident, safe and in control.

So, if you’re struggling with something or someone in your life and think that it will never get better, be willing to be wrong about that. Be willing to be wrong about what you think is possible for your life and how you feel.

It’s so worth it because you get to experience so much growth and freedom in life and a deeper connection with others and your authentic self.

If you’d like some help with uncovering or questioning your current belief system about something that you’re struggling with, sign up for a FREE session with me today. I’d love to help.

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