A lot of people find themselves having uncontrollable emotional reactions lately.

Then they feel awful about how they feel.

But the problem isn’t their negative emotions.

They are actually a very useful part of being human.

The problem is their unprocessed negative emotions.

At some point in life most of us develop coping mechanisms for our negative feelings like overdrinking, overeating or overworking because we’re not taught how to fully process and release them.

This just makes us feel worse and show up in ways that we’re not proud of.

Overreacting to things or other people.

Being in a constant state of irritation.

Withdrawing in relationships.

Avoiding and distracting from your feelings just makes you better at avoiding and distracting from them.

And shaming yourself just adds to your emotional suffering.

Would you judge a child and make them feel worse for being angry or frustrated?

Probably not.

You would likely help them understand what they are feeling and why and wait for it to pass, because you know it will.

So, give yourself the same compassion.

Check in daily with how you’re really feeling.

Be willing to feel it and allow it, knowing that it’s normal and it will pass.

The more you embrace and accept your pain, the more pain you release, the less intense it will feel and the better you will get at processing it.

And know that the pain that you are experiencing isn’t new.

It’s an accumulation from years of functioning on auto-pilot and distracting from your uncomfortable emotions.

The current public health and economic crisis has forced us to awaken and face all the discomfort that we haven’t been willing to.

No amount of positive thinking, exercising, or whatever your drug of choice, will help you gain the emotional resilience that you need to create the lasting change that you long for.

Knowing how to feel any negative emotion without fearing it is how you create emotional resilience and grounded confidence.

It’s from this place that you can start to create the positive emotions that you want to feel more of the time, show up in ways that feel good and live with more ease.

If you’d like to learn how to create emotional resilience and feel better more often, I’d love to help. Email me for a FREE coaching session:

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