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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The whole premise of what I teach is to think and feel on purpose to have the life you truly want.

I think a lot of people mistakenly take this to mean that if you feel terrible you can immediately change your thoughts to feel better.

That’s not exactly how it works.

First of all, you can’t just make a feeling stop by telling it to stop.

And second, resisting it creates emotional drama, so you won’t be able to clearly see the thought that is creating it to be able to work on changing it.

You first have to conquer your fear of feeling your feelings, otherwise you will always be at the mercy of them.

But most of us are not taught how to feel our negative feelings and fully process them. So, we end up trying to escape intense feelings like fear, anxiety, sadness, shame and vulnerability with things like overeating, over drinking over Facebooking and even positive thinking.

Here’s the thing: avoiding your negative emotions doesn’t make them go away. It just makes you better at avoiding and accumulating them.

Feeling your feelings is what makes you better at feeling and releasing them. It also increases your capacity to feel, not only the negative emotions but the positive ones too.

It’s from this place that you can release thought patterns that aren’t serving you instead of resisting them and can gain clarity to create new ways of thinking and feeling, for good.

And you can consciously choose to feel the emotions that fuel you to break free from all your social conditioning and create a life that feels more authentic to you.

So, if there is an aspect of your life that you are not happy with and want to change, avoiding, distracting or numbing out it isn’t going to change it.

You may think you’re making it more tolerable, but you’re actually wasting a lot of mental and emotional energy and settling for a life that is less than what you truly desire. Which makes it worse and keeps you stuck.

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, you have to be willing to feel rejection and vulnerability so you can work on it.

If you’re stressed or unfulfilled in your job, you have to be willing to feel fear and failure to find your dream job.

If you’re craving connection, you have to be willing to feel insecure to create close friendships and community.

Feeling your feelings is the only way to liberate yourself so you can live the life that you are meant to be living.

It’s truly the secret to life.

If reading this made you realize that there is an aspect of your life that you have been tolerating and are ready to create lasting change instead, reach out for a FREE session with me. I’d love to help.

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