It’s not easy to feel like you’re doing a good job at anything with all that is happening right now.

Trying to work, parent, homeschool, partner, plan meals and groceries, handle the stress of it all. The list goes on. A lot of people are struggling with thinking they’re not good enough and feeling inadequate. But these thoughts and feelings aren’t new. Most women think they aren’t good enough in general and compared to others. We've been socialized to constantly critique and compare ourselves to others and always come up short. This belief has been running in our unconscious minds for so long it seems objectively true. And if your mental habit is to believe that you are not good enough or unworthy, your unmanaged mind will always find evidence to prove that until you train it not to. But the truth is, we are all equally inherently worthy and good enough and nothing can change that.

Because there’s no objective definition of what it means to be “good enough” or “worthy.” So, you get to decide what it means to be good enough for you and redirect your brain to find evidence to support that. This is how you will feel freedom and ease that you long for. Then you can consciously choose how you want to show up and what you want to create in all areas of your life. Not so you can better yourself. So that you can better your experience of life.

Because who you are at your core is always worthy and good enough and never needs

changing. How would your experience of life change if you truly believed that you were good enough? If you'd like to create a more conscious relationship with yourself, free of negativity and full of self-acceptance and resilience, I'd love to help.

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