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This year has been a challenging year, to say the least.

Many of us haven’t been giving parts of ourselves, life and relationships the attention we would like.

Let’s face it, life will always be stressful and busy at times, but managing our mind is how we create the results we want, no matter what is happening around us.
That’s why I created a 3-month small group coaching program to help you get back on track and finish the year strong.
This program will consist of a weekly coaching call and powerful teachings to help you achieve a specific result that you long for.

It will help you build the skills and tools to gain mental and emotional freedom so that you can create any result for yourself now and for years to come.
If there is something that you have been stuck on, this is your opportunity to achieve it by the end of the year, even if you don't think it's possible.

No result is too big or small:

Managing stress, anxiety or overwhelm

Changing the quality of a relationship

Making more money or finding a new job

Organizing and managing your time

Stop yelling at your kids

Or anything else! 

Because it's not about the result. It's about who you become in the process:

Learn to overcome your inertia and perfectionist thinking

Create new thoughts to feel confident and worthy

Take consistent action without getting paralyzed

Believe in your ability to create different results for your life

Learn to trust yourself and be the leader of your life

And so much more!

What's in store...

Weekly laser-focused coaching in a private online group
24/7 access to me for real-time support
A space to consistently practice and master what you learn
Accountability to ensure you show up and get your result
A community of like-minded women who are transforming their lives

 Ongoing coaching in my private Facebook community

Whatever you long for right now, know that with the right support and tools, it IS possible.

This program is for you if you want to create a different outcome in some area of your life, but don't want to do the heavy-lifting and go at it alone.
I work with smart, high-achieving women, just like you to transform their lives with coaching and tools that feel simple and doable.
It's only $1,295 and it's the last investment you ever need to make to get unstuck.

As always, I guarantee you will achieve results or you get a full refund.

So, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

"I needed some guidance on how to manage a very overwhelming schedule and feeling out of control at times with anxiety and a lack of confidence. [Monica] taught me an invaluable methodology to be able to coach myself out of negative thoughts, move forward in my goals, and to truly begin to believe in myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, with joy and presence! I am eternally grateful to her for all that she has done to support me in loving myself more and creating the life that I want!" - Jessica L

What isn't in your control and what is; and

3 things you can do right now to feel more relaxed and connected.

Sunday August 15th at 8pm EST

Click below to book a call and see if this program is for you. I will answer all your questions about the program and help you clearly define the result you want to create.

My gift is being able to quickly get to the root of your issue and make connections that you never saw before. I help you do the deep work while offering fun-filled and compassionate guidance and tools that anyone can learn. 

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