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Are You Ready to Feel Less Overwhelmed?

Over-functioning is a behavior pattern where you take on excessive responsibility at work, home and/or for the care of other people's emotions and well-being at the expense of your own.

And it can look and feel different for everyone:

Taking on more responsibility than others at home or work.

Exhausted trying to keep up with what you think you should be doing at work or home, especially in comparison to others.

Overscheduling your kids and family life.

Constantly giving and doing things to support your family and friends emotionally or in other ways.

Living someone else’s definition of happiness, success and well-being.

And overtime, it takes a toll on our mental and physical health and cause us to feel resentful and burnt out. 

It can also have a negative impact on our relationships.

If this resonates with yo
u and you want to change all of this...

There's Good News...

You can stop over-functioning and
start living intentionally and authentically.

You DON'T have overschedule yourself and feel overwhelmed.

You CAN feel calm and satisfied with your life.

And we're going to teach you exactly HOW in this powerful workshop.

What's in Store...

  • 90 minutes of training taught live;

  • Learn mind and body-based skills to take control of your time.

  • Experience a transformational breathwork session to help you move any emotions that are keeping you stuck.

  • Investment: $35 Early Bird | $40 Regular

You Will Walk Away Knowing HOW to:

  • Set and enforce boundaries in a way that feels good for you.

  • Be more comfortable with less than perfect.

  • Prioritize your own desires and well-being with less guilt.

Meet The Facilitators...


Monica Bhardwaj, Certified Life Coach

Mind-body based coaching provides you with the concepts and skills you need to manage your mind and emotions. Doing that helps you feel more in control and experience your life exactly how you want to instead of how you think you should.

Kim Dubay Pic.jpg

Kim Dubay 

​Breathwork is a guided active meditation where you will let go of stress as well as “stuck” mindsets and emotions that are holding you back. This transformational practice will leave you feeling more peaceful, clear, and grounded.


Receive a free guide to help you manage your mind and emotions to help you work through anything that comes up in life.

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