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Welcome to the Live Better Podcast: Start Here!


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If you find yourself getting caught in old patterns that leave you feeling stressed, anxious or not good enough, you need a simple approach to change that for good. This podcast teaches you powerful coaching tools that you can use to feel better, navigate life and relationship challenges with more ease and confidence and show your kids how to do the same.

My teachings are based on the most life-changing mindfulness and cognitive coaching tools that feel simple and doable. They will help you liberate your mind and your heart so you can feel better, do better and live a higher quality of life. You can start with any episode. Just find a topic that calls you and hit play!

If you want to start doing the inner work and feel less stressed and anxious and more ease and peace every day, let's chat. Click here to set up a free consult call with me to see how life coaching can help you.


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