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Live Better

My personalized coaching program will change your life.

You will feel relief right away and walk away reconnected to your inherent worth, feeling relaxed and experiencing more joy in life, relationships and work.

"In my free session with Monica, she pointed something out that I was clearly blinded too, and yet looking back, it seemed so obvious! In that moment, I knew she would be able to help me turn my life around and boy did she ever!"-  Megan B

Learning to navigate your nervous system and manage your mind and emotions is the key to getting unstuck and having the life and relationships you long for. 

But most of us haven't been taught these essential skills in school or by our elders. 


So, it makes sense that we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by life's stressors and stuck, unable to create the lasting change we long for.


That's why my coaching program is designed to teach you to master these skills so you can navigate life's inevitable challenges and go after what you want with ease and confidence.

Powerful Tools. Daily Support. Guaranteed Results.

Feel an overall sense of mental and emotional well-being.

Experience calm and awareness more often than feeling triggered, shut down or emotionally reactive.


Have more balance and free time and actually enjoy it.

Be able to advocate for your desires and enforce boundaries in a way that feels good for you.

Experience less conflict and more connection in relationships.

Feel ease and confidence in going after what you want.

My gift is being able to quickly get to the root of an issue and make connections that you never saw before. I help you do the deep work while offering fun-filled and compassionate guidance and tools that anyone can learn. 



"Monica's 8 week coaching program was transformational beyond measure for me. I needed some guidance on how to manage a very overwhelming schedule and feeling out of control at times with anxiety and a lack of confidence. She taught me an invaluable methodology to be able to coach myself out of negative thoughts, move forward in my goals, and to truly begin to believe in myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, with joy and presence! I am eternally grateful to her for all that she has done to support me in loving myself more and creating the life that I want!" - Jessica L

"I reached out to Monica to overcome my catastrophizing mind that was exhausting me.  I longed to feel more joy and energy in life. I had learned some strategies in the past but nothing that stuck long-term like Monica’s practical tools and techniques. Her coaching program helped me immensely. I’m able to manage my mind with ease, embrace moments of sadness and feel joy at the same time. Now I experience more calm and am able to respond consciously when negative things happen. I’m so grateful to her for liberating me from my unnecessary suffering so I can enjoy life again. I recommend coaching with Monica for anything you’re struggling with. She is very gifted at what she does and can help." – Diane D

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