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Life Coaching Changed My Life

I found life coaching after feeling the physical and mental effects of years of imbalance and white-knuckling through life. Talk therapy gave me a lot of insight, but I didn’t get the tools and support to take action and transform my life for good.

What I learned and now teach my clients is to get unstuck and live with more freedom and well-being, we have to free our body of unprocessed emotions and free our mind of unhelpful beliefs.


Now, I'm able to embrace and navigate stress and challenges with inner safety. I have my own back, no matter what. I feel more ease in family and work relationships instead of being triggered and feeling disconnected. I can be present and tune into my child and his needs separate from my emotional state. Most importantly, I live in a way that feels good to me so that everyone around me can do the same.


It only took the willingness to learn and practice simple, powerful tools and techniques. I've helped a lot of people liberate themselves and have mental and emotional freedom.

I can help you too.

Are You Ready to Live with More Resilience and Well-Being?


"I was referred to Monica when it became apparent just how debilitating my anxiety was. Riddled with self doubt and self loathing, I wasn't able to make it through a full day without an anxiety attack... I knew my behaviors and thought patterns were making it worse, but I didn't have the tools or the guidance to be able to change. By the end of the program, I processed feelings that I didn't even know I was holding onto for years, and it lifted such a weight off of me. Every single aspect of my life has vastly improved; my anxiety, my personal relationships, my decision making, my confidence, my time management, my productivity, my ability to let go of things I cannot control. I learned so much about myself and who I want to be, but more importantly, I learned “how” to become that person. I also feel capable to manage my mind going forward. Monica teaches you how to coach yourself so you can continue to live the life you want to lead. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have worked with Monica. Absolutely life changing!" - Megan B

"After spending years working with therapists focusing on my past, Monica helped me identify barriers that I was carrying which prevented me in achieving both short and long -term personal and professional goals. Her knowledge and experience, empathetic personality combined with her realistic approach helped me to develop the strategies I needed to overcome my barriers. I continue to use the tools she has given me and have incorporated them in many areas of my life: relationships, business and self-care. I have evolved. I am more patient and empathetic with myself and more confident with who I am." - Anju B

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