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My personalized coaching program will change your life. 


It's perfect for you if have been to therapy and have a lot of awareness and insight, but are still struggling and lacking the mental and emotional well-being you long for. 


I will help you overcome your chronic stress, anxiety and self-doubt using a realistic yet powerful approach that actually works to create lasting ease and joy.


Receive weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and daily coaching to get the relief you need in real time and learn to coach yourself for life.


You will walk away reconnected to your inherent worth, feeling relaxed and empowered to go after the life, relationships and career that you long for.

If you're ready to invest your time, energy and money into feeling less overwhelmed and anxious and live a higher quality of life, let's chat.


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In my free session with Monica, she pointed something out that I was clearly blinded too, and yet looking back, it seemed so obvious! In that moment, I knew she would be able to help me turn my life around and boy did she ever! 


 Megan B

I can help

The investment you make in these life

skills will pay off in every area of your life. 

It will make all the difference in your

relationship with yourself, your family, work, and legacy. 


My gift is being able to quickly get to the root of an issue and make connections that you never saw before to help you do the deep work while offering fun-filled and compassionate guidance and tools to meet your personal and professional goals.