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Are You Ready to Experience Lasting  Change?

Spring is a time of change, fresh starts and resets.

But let’s face it, when it comes to improving ourselves, relationships or behaviors and habits, change is hard.
It's even harder when we try to change our beliefs about what’s possible for our life based on what we've been able to do in the past.
It's also challenging because parts of our brain are designed to keep us safe and conserve energy.
Not to mention, we’ve been socialized to believe our worth is determined by how successful we are at accomplishing our goals.
So, your brain will convince you not to do something that will feel stressful and take time, effort or resources.

It will tell you now is not a good time and to put it off until later.
And it will tell you not to bother because you will do it wrong and fail.
But none of that is true.
Your brain just has a different goal than you, that's all.

It wants to avoid pain and you want to expand your life and live better.

But the truth is, it takes A LOT more emotional and mental energy to resist and ignore the whispers of your heart's deep desires.

The good news is, you don't have to.

There's a Better Way...

Imagine being liberated and feeling confidence and ease as you work to transform your life.

You DON'T have to feel overwhelmed or doubtful in going after what you want in your life and relationships.

You CAN feel worthy and invincible instead.

And we're going to teach you exactly HOW in this powerful workshop.

What's in Store...

  • 2 hours of online training taught live;

  • Learn the only coaching tool you need to overcome your mind and finally create lasting change; and

  • Experience a transformational breathwork session to help you move any emotions that are holding you back

  • Investment: $39 Early Bird | $49 Regular

You Will Walk Away...

  • Aware of your strong beliefs that are holding you back

  • Knowing what to think and believe to create lasting change

  • Feeling empowered and confident to create anything you want for your life

Meet The Facilitators...


Monica Bhardwaj, Certified Life Coach

Life coaching provides you with the concepts and tools you need to manage your mind and emotions to overcome your inertia and feel worthy of feeling better and living better.

It helps you liberate yourself from patterns that keep you feeling  stuck using proven techniques that feel simple and doable and actually work.


Stephanie MacLeod, Breathwork Facilitator

​Breathwork is a guided three-part active meditation where you will let go of stress as well as “stuck” mindsets and emotions that are holding you back. This transformational practice will get you out of your own head and connected to your body, your creativity, and a deeper sense of self. You’ll leave feeling more peaceful, clear, and grounded.

This practice is perfect for any level, whether you have years of experience or you've been intrigued by meditation and are not sure how to start. Many who have experienced Breathwork describe it as LIFE-CHANGING.


  • The workshop will be recorded so you can watch the replay anytime

  • Receive a workbook with the coaching tools to help you work through anything that comes up in life

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