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Group Workshops

Could your employees or students benefit from learning and applying coaching tools to help them manage their mind and emotions?

Let me create a customized and interactive workshop based on your audience's needs.

Participants will leave with tangible tools and actions that will help them feel less stressed and more confident.

"Monica is a calm and confident advocate for mindfulness who shared with our business resource group some of the evidence-based tools she uses to help others who struggle with stress and anxiety. Her presentation engaged more than 400 of our team members around the world and created a meaningful dialogue about the importance of caring for one’s mental health." - Adient

Example Workshop Topics

High-Functioning Stress and Anxiety

Genuine Self-Confidence

Work-Life Balance


Difficult Work Relationships

Nervous System Regulation

"Monica provided guidance on how to manage burnout and anxiety in a high-functioning work role, including the balance of supporting a young child. She has a simple, thoughtful, practical and science-based approach. I learned to be much more aware of my thoughts and feelings and how important it is to be open to challenging what I may have been socially conditioned to think or feel. She encourages self-awareness in a gentle and practical way in which I could intentionally practice what I learned. I feel confident that the tools she shared can be used in many areas of my life" - Leah V 

School Workshops

I also offer in-person and online workshops for parents and students from elementary to high school on topics such as building emotional regulation, confidence and self-esteem.


Students learn to regulate their emotions and shift their thoughts to feel more grounded and confident and stay true to themselves as they navigate challenges using an engaging story and activity-based approach. 

Book a complimentary consultation call today to help me design a workshop to fit your needs.

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