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to Peace and Joy.

Hi, I'm Monica. I'm a certified life coach and I help high-achieving women overcome stress and anxiety so they can feel relaxed

and enjoy their life, relationships and work.

Stressed, anxious or inadequate?
Struggling in relationships?
Avoiding and distracting?
Longing for more purpose?
Feel better more often
Live authentically
Go after what you want in life


I will teach you how get relief from your stress and anxiety right away using simple tools that actually work so you can take control of your life. 


Transform stress and anxiety into ease and joy
Feel good enough, worthy and value yourself more
Develop grounded confidence and resilience
Change the quality of relationships and deepen connection
Shift unhelpful habitual thought and behavior patterns 
Reorient your life and consciously create your future
I know your struggle and I have the solution.
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I came to Monica to resolve issues caused by years of extreme stress and chaos. I’m strong, resilient but I was confounded by severe procrastination and avoidance. I was desperate to recover my productivity and end my self-flogging.


Coaching isn’t covered under my benefits, but within minutes of my free session with Monica, I was astounded by her insight. I went for it - a direct path to not only causes, but solutions. 


The relief was immediate. I was energized, unlocked. As we worked together, I also saw major shifts in the relationships I cherish most. With simple tools, I’ve chucked past baggage and feel prepared for anything the future holds. A future I’ll intentionally choose for myself.

- Jane N

I came to Monica at a low. I was anxious, full of self doubt, self-critical and struggling with  productivity at work.


Monica offered the best kind of support - the always non-judgmental, constant, encouraging, there when you need her kind of support. She is easy to talk to, tough, kind and humorous. Her techniques can be applied in any circumstance and she coaches on how to stick with them for the long haul (and forgive yourself when you don't).


By the end of her program, I had increased confidence in my work and personal life and, most importantly, I trusted myself to "have my own back." If you haven't been able to get there on your own, I recommend coaching with Monica. She can help.

- Jennifer W

Mindset had been one of my biggest challenges for a long time. I was very optimistic when I started working with Monica because she sounded like exactly the person I needed, but in the back of my mind I was doubtful if I'd experience any lasting change. She proved me wrong. I was awestruck with how easily she was able to uncover things for me and say things that resonated so deeply with me. I never thought I'd be one of 'those people' lucky enough to experience the profound changes that I have. I'm so thankful to have been able to work with Monica.

- Cristina L

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