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Live with less stress and anxiety and more ease and happiness.




" I learned so much about myself and who I want to be, but more importantly, I learned “how” to become that person." - Megan B

You're in the Right Place if You:

Feel anxious, overwhelmed and not good enough more often than joyful, relaxed and confident.


Find yourself burnt out, stuck, constantly stressed or overwhelmed by life.


Experience conflict in relationships more often than love and connection.

Feel like you're living a life that isn't authentic and aligned to what you truly want.


Don’t feel good on the inside even though your life looks great on the outside.

That's because getting unstuck, feeling happy and enjoying your life and relationships is created from the inside out.


I'm Monica Bhardwaj, Certified Life Coach

I help my clients learn and apply science-backed mind and body-based techniques to truly create the lasting change they long for.

Learn to manage your nervous system, mind and emotions to feel more joy and satisfaction in life, love and work.

The way we experience and show up in our life and relationships is a direct result of two things: the state of our nervous system and our thoughts. 

Science tells us they are interrelated and affect how resilient we are in the face of life's challenges and our ability to step
 towards the things we want in life.

That’s why regulating your nervous system and managing your mind are essential to feeling happy and living a better, more fulfilling life.

This is what I help my clients do using laser focused coaching and powerful tools and exercises.

Are You Ready to Feel in Control of Your Life?

Be able to handle the demands and challenges of daily life, work and relationships.

Find more ease, compassion and connection in relationships and with yourself.

Advocate for yourself and enforce boundaries in a way that feels good.

Make decisions and live in a way that feels authentic and true to you.
Go after what you want feeling safe, confident and resilient.

Feel more in control and experience your life exactly how you want to.


"Monica offered the best kind of support - the always non-judgmental, constant, encouraging, there when you need her kind of support. She is easy to talk to, tough, kind and humorous. Her techniques can be applied in any circumstance and she coaches on how to stick with them for the long haul (and forgive yourself when you don't). By the end of her program, I had increased confidence in my work and personal life and, most importantly, I trusted myself to "have my own back." - Jennifer W

"I am more self-aware of my thoughts and have tools to work through my negative thinking. I feel calmer, am easier to be around and have more fun. Most importantly, I now know I am capable of so much more than I thought I was." - Tyler W

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