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Episode 12: There's No Such Thing As Perfect

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Many people have perfectionist tendencies and think they are helpful and necessary in their pursuit of self-improvement. But not only is having a perfectionist mindset unhelpful, it can rob you of your self-esteem, peace of mind and enjoyment of life and relationships.

Join me on this episode to learn what perfectionism really is, why it’s unhelpful and how to overcome it. I’m sharing a better way for you and your kids to achieve your goals and improve your life and relationships.

If you want to feel less stressed and anxious and more ease and peace every day, I can help. Click here to set up a free consultation call with me to see how the power of life coaching can help you.


  • What perfectionism really is and why it’s unhelpful.

  • How perfectionism is pervasive and affects all areas of your life.

  • Why letting go of perfectionist tendencies is helpful in pursing self-improvement goals.

  • How you can overcome your perfectionist tendencies and accept yourself exactly as you are.

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