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Episode 14: Chronic Pain

In this week’s episode I’m sharing my experience with chronic back pain and how managing my mind helped me overcome it.

Now, it took a lot more than my mind, including some amazing practitioners, but I couldn't get lasting relief until I got out of my own way and changed how I thought about my circumstance.

I couldn't change the fact that I was injured, but I could change how I thought and felt about it and that made all the difference in my recovery.

Tune in to discover how our emotions affect our physiology and have a role to play in chronic pain. If you suffer from chronic physical or emotional pain, you will learn how you can have more control over it and process it to get some relief and even eliminate it.

If you want to feel less stressed and anxious and more ease and peace every day, I can help. Click here to set up a free consultation call with me to see how the power of life coaching can help you.


  • How our mind, emotions and body are are connected.

  • What pain is and the difference between physical and emotional pain.

  • What you can do and think to get relief and even eliminate your pain.

  • Why it’s worthwhile to learn to tolerate the feeling of pain.

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