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Episode 8: When Someone Doesn't Like You

All humans have a primal need to be accepted and liked by others. But left unmanaged, this instinct can cause us to worry unnecessarily about what other people think and edit ourselves or please others at the expense of being authentic and fulfilling our own desires.

On this episode, learn a better way to deal with someone who doesn’t like you. You will discover why other people’s thoughts and opinions about you don’t have to hurt you and how to think about yourself in a way that feels better and helps you show up authentically regardless of what others think.

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  • Why we really seek approval and validation of others.

  • Why other people’s thoughts and opinions are painful for us.

  • How changing the way you think about other people’s thoughts can liberate you.

  • Why the only person’s friendship you need is your own.

  • Why being alone doesn’t have to feel terrible.​

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